Story of Jeogem

Jeogem’s story dates a long way back to the year 1955, the year when an adorable baby girl first saw the light of day at the uniquely fabulous and natural lands of Anatolia.

While she was growing up, she recognized the charm and beauty of the natural stones she came across in the nature, fell under their influence and started to collect them.

Her destiny brought her closer to the magical world of natural stones, as she married a geological engineer by a beautiful coincidence. From that point on, it was only up to time, before they established Jeogem in 1998.

She grew Jeogem with passion, love and the support of her husband for years to come, until 2018, her unfortunate passing at an arguably young age and a happy stage in her life.

Established by a beautiful person with a heart full of love, Jeogem is now supported and run by her children and her husband with respect to the values she left behind.

In memory of Günfer Kırıkoğlu