About Us

Jeogem was founded as a sub-brand within the mining company Jeotek in 1996 and became an independent company in 2007. Between the years 1998 and 2015, retail sales points of Jeogem took place in many prestigious shopping centers of Istanbul / Turkey. Since 2015 Jeogem has been operating only in Akmerkez. 

All types of natural precious stones of top quality (crystals, minerals, meteorites, fossils) and their end products, including accessories, jewelleries, artworks, souveniers, decorations and collectables constitute the product range that Jeogem offers to its customers.

Jeogem obtains and imports its products directly from international fairs and manufacturers. Every single product of Jeogem is unique, rare and precious. Jeogem aims to offer products that will not only be used by their owners or receivers, but will continously beautify their surroundings for generations to come.